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About Security

People invest in security to ensure the safety of their home or business, and to gain peace of mind. Security comes in many forms and it involves not only the protection of your property and its contents but may also protect your life.

It is regrettable that not all visitors have noble intentions. Unwelcome intruders to your home or business may not only pose a threat to property but also the people within. A good level of security can ensure that only those that are authorised and approved are given access and others are kept out.

Security companies work with a number of tools and techniques and recommend the best solution for your particular scenario. They evaluate risk factors and take in to account other local knowledge and technical advances to design a custom system for your protection.
Some common security options are:

Access Control Systems (ACS)
As the name suggests, are systems that control the access in to, and within, a building. They allow entrance for authorised personnel and deny it for those who aren’t. These systems can take the form of swipe cards, pin cards and proximity readers.

Burglar alarms
Whether you are present or not, burglar alarms fitted to door and window entry points can help alert owners to an intruders presence and allow further action to be decided or taken.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Closed circuit television acts as a surveillance tool to monitor and report on any suspicious or unacceptable behavior, allowing consequent action to be taken.

Fire alarms
One hopes that after you install a fire alarm you will never have to actually act in a real life situation. However, if you do it may very likely be the difference between life and death. The speed at which a fire can spread is astounding and every second counts to ensure safe evacuation.

Event security
Crowd control helps ensure a calming presence and assurance to maintain or contain any aggressive or non social actions where there are members of the public in attendance.

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